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Orbs Again

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Jill - I could definitely add to the fun confusion of accents / languages..


You would be more than welcome to join our "accent party".Perhaps you would have an accent that would further add variety to the mix! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, my friend!


Accents are both fun and confusing, I'd love to sit in on you 'accent party' - just listening to the variants and the confusion...
Jill - very enjoyable and fun puzzle.


LOL! So,you have envisioned that also! Maybe in person we can use writing boards when we reach an impasse, lol! I must admit, the phone call was challenging as well as exciting! We ALL have accents. Add to that my giggle, which comes out when I'm excited, and it was most interesting!
Yes, I have that Aussie speak down pat, or at least one phrase of it.I think "back" and "mate" would be understandable, but I do know "onya"might be challenging as I would pronounce it "ownyuh". Don't forget to add to your vision, when he is around, Jim's Texan accent.... born and raised in San Antonio. Sometimes I don't understand him! Ew, Rew, mate!


'Back onya, mate'.... Someone's been studying their Aussie speak.... Would love to hear your accent.... :) :) Soon you'll be dinki-di, good buddy.... I have this vision of a living room with, Aussie speak, Tennessee speak and SoCal speak... And a lot of 'whats' 'say agains' and 'excuse mes'.... Whenever I watch the vision, tears of laughter run down my face.... Oo-Roo, mate.... :) :)


Just noticed the end of your comment, Jo....(((Hugs))) to you, also, my friend!


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jo. Thanks for the congrats on # 11! Grandchildren.... Indescribable joy,,don't you think!....and, yes, they do grow faster than the kids did! We've got to cherish every moment!


Bright and bold!! Chocolate and grey,.... nice additions to the spectrum!!

Congrats on July addition to your family!! Number 11!! I've got only 7,...was told by my 3,...that's it Mom!! LOL Love them to bits!! They grow faster than their parents did!! Enjoy! Hugs, Jo :)


I love to hear it, I love to hear it....I never do....I don't either...I love to hear it....Most welcome, dear one....Back onya, mate....:-) :-).Thanks, dear L! ... :-)


I love orbs, I love orbs.... Everybody beats me.... But I don't care... Cause I love orbs.... Thanks, good buddy.... Your the best.... :) :)


I'm glad you enjoy them, Barb. It has been a while since I have posted orbs. You beat me by one second on the leader board.....I must have sneezed, lol!.... :-)


I'm glad you enjoyed them, Francine! You are most welcome, dear. Eleven - that IS wonderful, lol!!.... :-)


Love your orbs puzzles, Jill ... great to see them back. :-)


Enjoyed your colourful orbs. Thanks Jill. (3:03)
Wow! Eleven - that's wonderful.


I am so glad you enjoy them, Gail.If you get time to work the large one, I hope you enjoy it, my friend!


You are very welcome, Nanax4. I'm glad you liked it! Come July, I will be Nanax11..... :-)))


Love the orbs, Jill. I bookmarked the larger one. I hope to get to it, but I spent a lot of today making kaleidoscopes to post:)


Nice one, Jill! Thanks!