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Granny Goes To The Carnival #23

28 pieces
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Locust and Magnolia.....


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with a toorie on his bonnet, a red toorie on it, a red toorie-oorie-oorieay


Hee-Hee!.........(In England, we used to have them for making a noise at the football (soccer) matches!.....You're welcome, cakes!


Another fun puzzle. Sexy Magnolia!! I noticed the locust has an antique wooden ratchet noise maker in his hand. Neat seeing one in this way. Thanks SLOG!!! :)))
(time, 1:06)
Lela, you're a wealth of info all the time!!! THANKS!!!


Angelbender.....They are from the Mistick Krewe Of Comus Costume Designs (1873) for the New Orleans Carnival......
The Mistick Crewe Of Comus made its first appearance in 1857. The name of the association was
derived from Milton's 'Masque Of Comus'.......Comus, the son of Circe, possessed the power of changing human beings into animals......

Do you have any idea where these illustrations came from, who did them or what the intended use of these whimsical figures was to be? The are bordering on the edge of being grotesque, yet have a delicate line and personna.