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Some Color at the Lake

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Originally the lake was built (1910) as a water supply. It's no longer used for that, and at one time you could swim there, but not now. Not sure why. Thanks, Ank, appreciate your interest.


Make's a lot of sense. The boats and the noise I mean. Only I don't understand why it's not allowed to swim. (on own risk of course)


The lake isn't any more dangerous than any other lake. That's a city code that you can't swim in it. The guy who drowned was out in the middle of the lake on that board and the wind was high, so he fell into the lake. You also can't use a motorboat on that lake. You can use a kayak or canoe, but nothing noisy. It makes for better enjoyment for everyone, and also it's inside the City limit, so they try to preserve a parklike atmosphere. Make sense?


Tex why is it so dangerous swimming in that lake?


That is why I pre apologized!


Now Morris, you better not get me started, you know I don't have a stop button!


Have tu agree with you on that on tex. Does not look that fun tu me. But I am a land lubber at heart. Age nothin' you're still hangin' from tu much of Gracis bru last night. ( sorry I did say that I would be good tunite)!


Yes Tex I did. Unfortunately my sis didn't! Thanks for the fun!


Gosh, I must be the only one feeling my age! I wouldn't get on one of those for love nor money! Call me chicken, but I've seen snakes in that lake and won't even go out in a kayak! Thanks, Sis!


I would love to try the paddle boat too. Beautiful photo, Sis! Thanks!


Chickie & Ank, it was 88 today, and is expected to be that the rest of the week. If we get a cold front it gets only in the high 50s in the day usually. The water is just fine for a dip, although there is no swimming allowed in the lake. A man, excellent swimmer, drowned a couple months ago doing that paddleboard. I told you about it at the time, CM. Very dangerous. Thanks, Lyndee, did you survive last night?


I can see the color is slowly changing down there. Nice shot!


Hi Tex, Is it still that warm that you can be on the water without clothes?
And I agree with Sandy If the wate is warm enough I would love to try it too.
And a beautiful photo, thanks


I would love to try it! And can't imagine the water being warm enough in November. But I am sure it is where you live.


Thank you, Jacques, my dear, and Gladstone, and dank u, Elina! Cel, he's on a paddle board, and they are very popular (and dangerous) around here. I'd be too scared to try that, balance isn't good enough.


Great photo Texas.. what is that guy doing? i see a paddle but cant tell what hes on out in the


Prachtige foto en zeer mooie puzzel!! Dank u wel Tex.


Looks peaceful and great to see.


one smal tree,
one big lake,
love it sweety