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Tapestry Cushion - Nasturtiums

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I enjoyed stitching this tapestry cushion front of nasturtiums but didn't change the backing colours on this one. Not sure it would go with my decor.


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tekchal - how wonderful to have spun and dyed her own wools - that really is creating from scratch!


My mother used to spin wool yarn for weaving and tapestry work and then dye them with natural colors. Most of the yarn turned out in soft, earth tones.


Thanks Laura. The length of time it takes to finish depends on a few factors really. If I do a little every night, then I can do one in a couple of months. But if the light's not good, or I get caught up doing other things so only manage a little now and again, then it can take six months or more. I sometimes start one and then put it aside for a while. I also have a few others on different sized frames, so if I do some on those too, then the big one can take a bit longer. It does get a bit addictive though! I think I'll just do up to a certain point on the pattern, but then I think I can just do a little more, and so it goes, and before I know it time has run away! It is a very relaxing past-time because the colour picture is printed on. I tend to chose my own colour wools instead of going for a ready made-up kit with all the wools included, so I have fun choosing wools with my daughter, who has a good eye for colour!


I love the colors. How long does it take you to finish one of these tapestries, niccolino?