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Taken yesterday at Mimi's Cracker Barrel garden!

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Why Ann, it is exhausting, but I persevere! :) So glad you like them!


Mimi, you have the most beautiful gardens, and so extensive, too. They cover such a large territory, and whatever the time of year something is always blooming--and looking so fresh, too. It must take all your time visiting them. I wish I had your stamina!! ;-)) .................


I missed you yesterday Foxy, so sorry! That's 43C - 109 F. Yikes that's hot! I'm glad your temp is more reasonable!


Spot on, Mimi! You've got the hang of it :-) The 110° plus temps are further north of us and it's a daily thing for the north west of our state (Western Australia). The southern part of Australia usually has reasonably moderate temps but the eastern states have been having a heat wave and it's been exceptionally hot. Jigidi Faye who lives in inland NSW said they're expecting 43° today. Our 35° is mild in comparison :-)


That is so true Shirley, I have the best of all worlds. I can go visit my various gardens whenever I want - but somebody else has to tend them!


Aaah, your lovely garden is still flourishing, Mimi. the best part Mimi you don't have to water them, it's done for you.


Thanks Maryrob, I agree on both counts!


Beautiful flowers,not to mention how good Cracker Barrel is.YUMMMMMMM.M


Liane, these are not really my flowers. There is a restaurant named Cracker Barrel and I took the pictures there. The red flower is a type of camellia, and the white and yellow ones are pansies. I'm so glad you like them, thanks for stopping by and I'm going now to look for your puzzle for today.


Thanks Foxy, glad you like my garden, I have many of them!
OK, here we go. Your weather today will be 87.8 F and tomorrow, 95F. Right? Pretty warmish tomorrow, but I keep hearing about the over 110F temps there. Is that not near you?


It's a lovely cracker barrel Mimi . I don't know the names of the red ,white and yellow flowers
but they are bright and cheerful .


Wow, Mimi... what extensive gardens you have!

Denise's climate is similar to ours in southern Western Australia (hey, we're practically neighbours!) Let's keep your temp conversions going... we're expecting 31° C today, up to 35° Friday :-)


Thanks Jacques and Punkin, I thought they were cheery for a winters day!


Happy little flowers!


how beautiful they are mimi!


Not really, but it helps! :)


do you have to be crackers to make one of these?


P.S. Tex. I bookmarked the link - so I'm all set for any future conversion adventures!


Wow Tex, thanks. I looked it up and 33C is 91F. It's not chilly there!


Mimi, here's a link to make it easy for you:
Thanks, I enjoyed the flowers.


Flowers, flowers, flowers, it reminds me that I should visit our garden and see if any aconites or snowdrops should have started putting up their heads!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


It is so great having friends from all around the world, I love it! I'm never sure how C compares with F. Someday I'll look it up.


South Africa Mimi and its 33 C today:-)


Its about 65F out there today Denise, but very damp so we think it's chilly. I've forgotten, if I knew, where you live. Would love to know. So glad you like the flowers.


Beautiful mimi, I can hardly believe that it is winter your way:-)