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Krusedol Monastery, Serbia (pic lightened)

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Thanks ceiligrrl:)


exquisite! i so enjoy your puzzles!!!!!!!!!


Thanks! It was tough maybe because you are not familiar with the configuration of an orthodox church with all those icons in certain rows etc...


A little tough. It had me stumped for a bit. ;)


jranders, thank you for your compliments:) In my turn, I have to thank all those photographers that gave me permission to use their photos for puzzles! I also enjoy the puzzles of other members of Jigidi that 'travel' me to places, introduce me to different styles of art or other civilizations! Yeah, Jigidi is fun first of all but you learn lots of things in that fun!
Joyce, I don't understand what the word 'stumper' means LOL! I speak about 90% English and that fell in that 10%LOL!!!


Beautiful puzzle but a stumper for a bit!! Thanks :)

jranders ~ that's a ditto from me!!! :)

Join Jigidi: take a world tour with greekoldlady ... the next best thing to being there.

Thank you for letting me see places that I might not otherwise get to visit.