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Many Thanks, Joyce

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Joyce sent me a lancing pen and a LOT of lancets to use when drawing Norton's blood for his glucose tests. Many thanks, Joyce! I hope you enjoy this puzzle.


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You are very welcome, Kathy. Your comments made my day! If I remember correctly, I told you how to move around your bookmarks. Did you also know that if you check the box that says "Sort by most recent comment", your comments will appear in chronological order, with the most recent comment first? This way, you can always keep track of comments people make, especially on older puzzles that someone might have bookmarked. I recently solved a bunch of Contomiani puzzles from over a year ago, so I know people bookmark puzzles and don't solve them for a while.


Oh Gail!!!!! I just followed your instructions on how to keep track of comments and I am so excited because it worked!!!!!!! I am the worlds worst at following directions!!!!!!! You did a wonderful job at explaining other words, you got through to me LOL LOL I decided to try it on this puzzle and leave you a comment on the results :-))))))))))) You are a gem and a sweetheart and I am so thankful to have met you!!!!!!!! Thank you Gail and a very Sincerely....Kathy :-))))))))))


Hi Kathy, I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I really enjoyed making it. I'm glad to have shone some sun on your day!


Gail, I enjoyed every second of putting this one together. The good thoughts behind it, the love and the caring, from both you and Joyce, have definitely brightened my day!!!!!!


It was such a nice thing, Jan and Faye. I've been so blessed to have found Jigidi.


That is so wonderful, Gail. And what a sweet thing for Joyce to do!
It's also a beautiful thank you puzzle!


Blessings, Joyce. :)))


You're welcome. I'm replying to your email now.


Great puzzle, love the pictures & the colors, thank you Gail. I'm happy you found this pen easy to use on Norton. I knew it would be one of the best for him. :))))))
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