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Jarrow March day 12 Mansfield

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Marshall riley's Army

Lyrics by Lindisfarne

The men who made the ships,
Searching for some kind of salvation.
With heads held high, and dignified,
The towns folk and passers by,
Held them in some kind of admiration.

March on, Marshall Riley's Army,
Marching for your rights,
You've surely earned them.
March on, Marshall Riley's Army,
Marching for your rights,
The lessons you taught us,
Who has learned them.

Soldiers in the front line of the struggle,
For the right to work,
God gave me these hands just to be idle.
Why has holiness the bishop,
With his infinite christian wisdom,
Like Peter in when the cock crew had denied them.

And the yes men, and the press men,
In London Town all came down,
Brought with them the curious, and deranged.
And forty years has since gone past,
But you're still down there,
If you're working class.
Can anybody tell me what has changed?


ah well tomorrow makes up for it. Maybe in the rich Midlands they had more employment and didn't understand. I used to think this was a nice town but I went right off it.


Oh dear, I dare not pen the words in my mind June, except to say what a really dear friend of mine used to say when thwarted or annoyed by vexatious people, "Lord, drop a poo from a great height - please". How can people not have been moved by what they heard and saw.

Lets just hope that tomorrow will be a better day - Phyllis


no cheers here the march was ignored