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Connie Sleeping in the Garden

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Tabby Cat


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Thank you, Andy. I still miss her. She was so trusting, affectionate and beautiful.


A lovely cat, sorry she's passed away.


Yes, it's sad but I have happy memories.


Hello Niccolino, thank you for the comment indeed its just a look a like. Verry nice lovely cat .
It's said that she past away. Greetings from Belgium.


Nicky, you'll be surprised at what kinds of puzzles people will solve. I think your tapestries would do well. Be sure you mention that it's your work. You remind me I'd better go check my puzzles. I haven't done it today. BTW Do you know how to check your puzzles for most recent comments? Leave a note here. I'll check back again to see if you need help.


I've just complete your blue tit embroidery picture and left a post on it. I love needlework and do a lot of tapestries so might post some pics of the one's I've done. I started some bird embroidery pictures years ago and am still adding to them! I thought I'd be stuck for photographs but you've given me some ideas!


Thanks so much for your welcome. I'm often up late - it's after midnight here in England - so it's nice to be able to see and do beautiful puzzles and chat a bit with people who like the same sort of pictures as I do. I have a moth and butterfly phobia so have been doing some beautiful puzzles of them and looking up close at them - I think it's helping a bit! I love birds, all kinds of wildlife, cats, dogs, and scenic pictures - especially autumn and winter - and gardens - I've just posted a pic of Connie in my garden. My daughter keeps hamsters so there will probably be a few pics of them. Phoebe was a cutie girl - I've posted a pic of her tonight - I miss her so much, she's laid to rest in the rockery in my garden which is my sort of sanctuary! It's changed a bit since the photo as we've had extensions. Oh, and I have 7 dolls houses so might put some pics of those on too! I'll stop this epistle now!


You are a new name to me so I came to check out your profile and find that you are new to Jigidi. Welcome. It's a great group of helpful people here. So sorry your Connie is gone. She looks a lot like the cat who has adopted me. I think she was abandoned by someone. She had a collar when I first saw her almost three years ago. She lost the collar this past fall and it has not been replaced plus she's taken to spending much more time in the house, especially when the weather is bad. She knows about a litter box and uses it when she is inside. Sorry I do tend to write "novels" Thanks for this lovely tribute to your Connie. If you have questions or need help just ask. Someone will know.


Thanx Plumpossum, PamCal, Healer and petsmom. I miss Connie very much as she sadly passed away June 2012. She always loved the garden and is laid to rest there. She was just a semi-long-haired domestic cat, but yes she does look like a Maine Coon! I'll post another pic of her sometime soon!

Pretty kitty.


Pretty girl.

What a beautiful girl. She actually looks a lot like a Maine Coon.


Such a pretty pussy cat!