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Barbed Wire Ball?

42 pieces
65 solves
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Or rock/paper/scissors--but then Lela would probably get hurt in that game, too, also, as well.........


If you do, then maybe you could stick some corks on the ends of the sharp bits.........


Pat, whichever one you choose, we will love it just like we love your other puzzles. So I wouldn't worry too much. You could always do like the kids: "eeny meeny miny moe" LOL!


Yes, I can always do that, but 99.9999% of the people on Jigidi don't check out, or solve, links; they just do the puzzles that they see while scrolling. So consigning one to the private sphere is sort of like a death sentence, or, at least, solitary confinement! That's why I was hoping there would be one clear winner..... I could always post one this week, and the other in a week or two, but by then I'm sure I'll have other new puzzles I want to use the slots for. I'll think about it a little more, then decide--I probably will end up making one private...........


Post one and put the private link to the other one inside! That way everyone can pick the one they want. And greedy puzzlers like me can do them both! LOL!


Thanks, Aishah, Ank, Lela (is there one good reason you can give me for wearing a new cashmere sweater specifically to solve a puzzle called BARBED WIRE Ball??? And since when are you an innocent puzzler???), and Rosie--I appreciate all the input! Of course, I still have no idea which to choose... LOL! I'm just glad you enjoyed the puzzles, whichever your preferred! :-)))


Okay, now I know I like the other one better only because of the deeper colors. This one is more pastelly but I'll still do it. Thanks, Rosie.


Oh dear!.......I've ripped the arm of my brand new cashmere sweater, which I wore specially to solve this puzzle.........I'm surprised there was no warning sign anywhere, as it is very dangerous to innocent puzzlers........


It's a funny one, just like it.


Well it turned out great. I don't know which one I like better. There are things I like about both. So as far as posting a larger one, either is fine with me.


Thanks, Aishah, Edie, and Ardy. This is a hand drawn Painting--all those little lines are done individually. It began as an accident. The "brush" I usually use for the hand drawn ones lets you keep drawing as long as you want with a line. The one I picked for this "runs out of paint" after a short line is drawn, and you have to start again. I wasn't expecting that, and I almost started a new work, but decided to see what would happen if I kept on making lots of those little lines. I thought the result looked like barbed wire, hence the title!


Pat, I think I like this one better. My time was better here (3:07). I enjoyed both of them. Thanks, Pat.


Ouch, don't want to play catch with this one. Thanks Barb


I really like this one Pat. Is this a loonied version of those hand drawn circles?