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Julia Magnet 1

64 pieces
142 solves
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Thanks for the lovely puzzle.


Attractive comments? Groooooan.... :-)

And we thought we were corny!


I missed you 3 sorry! Ah, each has had her attention drawn to the magnet! Only ladies responded to this puzzle. Perhaps this is a "babe magnet", lol! thanks for such attractive comments!.... :-))))


Wow! The magnetic field around Julia is so strong we were all drawn to it and can't pull away! Having trouble pulling my mouse away :-)
Tip top puzzle, Jill - thanks!


Drew me to it like a magnet! Nice bright colours too, Thanks Jill.


Magnificent.... Was attracted to it right away.... This would go perfectly with the other magnets on the fridge.... Would take center stage.... Love the little orbies in the middle.... Thanks good buddy.... :) :)


Kirsten, you keep me laughing, my friend...... :-)....Actually, I have no clue what a Julia Magnet is. I just click on it, create a color scheme, greatly manipulate the original design, until it is different from the original and is something I like! Who knows, there may be a paypal button in there somewhere, lol!


I have no idea what a "Julia Magnet" is, Jill. BUT I WANT ONE!!!!! I still can't find your paypal button though, to pay for and order it. LOL

Thank you. :)))