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I love animals and we do tend to " Coochy coo" them! LOL

China is such an amazing place. I could visit time and time again. Coincidence that both our last rail journeys were there!! :-))


Yes, Nellie is crazy about me! She belongs to my daughter and her husband (Caroline and Robin), along with a 2-year-old Border Collie named "Daisy." We call them my "grand-dogs" and they "call" me "Big Mommy"! We are silly, aren't we?! But I know you also love animals. They are quite special.

I believe the last time I was on a train was also in China:-)


Hi, Kathy. Nellie (sp?) isn't your dog but she "loves you to bits"?!!

Last time I was on a train was in China and it was great, except for sanitary arrangements!! It is a great way to take in the scenery!


I seem to remember the UK having a great train system... the US lags in this area because we have such good roads, trucks and cars, and cheap gas. I love the train trips I have taken, this makes me want to take another one soon:-)