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Australian Fire Fighters Calendar

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The Australian Fire Fighters raised $115,000 for the sick kiddies of the NSW Westmead Children's Hospital Burns Unit with their calendar sales.


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Just come across your puzzle, chookies, and I'm so glad! What a late night treat! My hubby also was a fireman in his younger days .. and not bad either! You should have seen the tug-o-war competitions between the stations - wow! Naturally I always attended, just to give moral support.....


At our sorority gift exchange, there was a calendar of the Calgary fire fighters, equally hunky.


Now I know why my sister stayed in Australia!


OMG!!! wait for me chookies, I am moving to Australia RIGHT NOW!!!
Did somebody report Jacques riding his motorcycle? too many miserable people in this world!


Hooley Dooley.... It doesn't get much better than this.... There's one for Monday thru Friday... And the weekend to rest up.... Thanks, Chookie.... Now where did I put that box of matches.... :) :)) :)))


Aren't they a nice eye-full :))) I hope the stuffy bores don't get to this lot chookie!!


What a wonderful job they do to save lives and property, mapakase, but unfortunately they can hurt themselves in the process of saving others. Nice of you to drop by.

I agree, roerick, nice to look at, hey? Good to see a new face on my jigs.


Yum, yum!!!!!!!


Oh Chookies, my husband was a fireman in his younger days. I remember. Sigh! ;o)


Hee,hee, I think a nice cold shower is what you need, tex!! Down girl!!


Thanks for taking the time to comment English, Gladstone, punkin, TrucyTai, shirley and chickie. I can see you're all still young at heart - and mind!


Oh, my, I feel heat. I need them to come over with their hoses! Nice one, Chooks.


Hey fileusa, you'd stage a heart attack just to let these hunks, or this bunch, work on yu!!!!


Phew! Nearly had a heart attack there! Great looking hunks! ehhh...bunch! :))))))))


You've got it in one, granny. Some people just are plain old bores with no life or fun left in them anymore. Sad isn't it?


chookies, what happened to your motorcycle riders?....surely someone was not offended enough to have it pulled........


Ha,ha, you'll be in good hands if you do, Church_Lady!!!!!


Oh dear,I think I am going to faint!


I see them running along the Boulevard in groups on a daily basis - with only singlet and gym shorts on - and I tell you, they are as fit as!! What would we do without these wonderfully fit and healthy firefighters, sometimes volunteers, who fight our many, many fires where so many homes and buildings are destroyed in our terribly hot climate. Well done boys and I hope the fire fighter who is struggling with his own life (after receiving burns to three quarters of his body) trying to save a person still in their home, get's all the care and attention that he deserves. I wish him well and a speedy recovery.


Well now, what have we here?


All for a good cause, good onya guys,Thanks chookies.


Nice eye candy... thanks :-)))


Way to go, AFF!!!!


Firefighters have to be in good shape to save lives. Thanks chookies.


Wonderful cause. I would have bought a calendar or two---and then donated them back. I just don't care at all about body builders. I like a man's body to be sleek with well-toned muscles. All these bulging muscles have always turned me off. They look deformed to me. And I perceive the men with them as egotistical, always more concerned with how 'wonderful' they look to others. But to each his own. That's what makes the world go round. So carry on ladies---and enjoy. Thanks, chookies, for an interesting puzzle...............


I'll take one of each...