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Pumpkin Yellow Magenta Swirl (Smaller)

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Please don't feel guilty! I love to make puzzles that use colors that people request--it's fun to try to make them look good; I really like making people happy by making special puzzles for them; and it gives me a plan for a drawing that I don't have to invent myself, and that takes the pressure off me about having to invent new patterns or color combos! LOL! I may not figure out exactly what someone wants--I'll do my best to get as close as I can--but I believe/hope that we'll all enjoy it, even if it's not perfect! :-)))


Pat you are so dear to want to do this. I put an answer on the other puzzle, but I don't want you to go to too much trouble or I'll feel guilty.:)


Oooh, not sure I know exactly what red violet is... Are any of these what you mean?

I'd be happy to make one with your colors--I just want to get it right! If these aren't right, I'll offer some others. Thanks, Mimi!


I love every shade of red, but my favorite is a red-violet and teal blue.


It does look like that, doesn't it?! Ooh, my teeth are aching just from the thought of all that sugar! LOL! Thanks, Lajuin!


I think that it needs a stick on it cause it reminds me a a big lollipop - lemon, orange and raspberry.


Yup, these are love 'em or leave 'em colors, at least in the shades I picked! I do love making designs with the colors suggested by others--I just made a grid (a swirl will follow) with the blues and teals that Barb mentioned--so please feel free to offer your own, roerick and Mimi! Thanks so much!


Your swirls are great no matter what slightly odd colors you use! :)


I love all of the variations of your swirly puzzles but I'm not crazy about these colors together. Love the magenta, but maybe with green instead of the orange. But I still love it because it's always fun solving all of your puzzles. They're just plain fun.


I didn't mean that I didn't know if I loved or hated the COLORS you chose, Katie--I loved them in the grid, and a loony I made, so they're a great combo--just the colors/shades as I used them here! That's what I meant about remaining neutral--to this particular puzzle, and the brash versions of the colors I chose for it--not to your choice! Sorry if I wasn't clear about that! :-(((


Whew! That's a relief Pat! So maybe occasionally we'll see more of these colors.


Thanks, Wendy--I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it (it's impossible to remain neutral with something like this!), but I decided that I loved it, too! :-)))


I LOVE the colors and shape in this one, Pat. The dark purple background really shows it off well too.


Thanks, Katie and Jan--it's definitely in-your-face, not shy and retiring! LOL! Now this is one puzzle that is definitely meant to be solved in the morning, I think... :-)))


A fiery vortex! LOVE it Pat! Great puzzle. Thanks.


Oooh! It's a happy colored swirl full of energy! I see you threw some purples in for good measure! Thanks ever so much Pat! :-)


That's an interesting sounding combination, Barb--I'll have to try it! Thanks!

Very funny , Ardy--I thought a rose by any other name......would still have thorns! LOL!

Thanks, wilddog!


I've enjoyed solving your puzzles.


Love the swirls. I'm glad it's pumpkin and magenta since I really don't care for orange and pink together. :-)) Thanks, Pat.


Hmmm, I wonder if this could be done in navy, medium blue, teal and turquoise? Don't mind me, Pat, just thinking out loud. LOL Another fun swirl, thanks. :-)