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The day I took Alvin in

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You're welcome, Trudy. In 1988, I lived in an apartment, and had two stray cats that I fed and sheltered. There was a slight overhang so they were a little protected, but not much. I built bunk beds for them ~ two plastic milk cartons (you can buy them now at places like Target), and I wrapped a blanket around them, then wrapped the entire outside in plastic, leaving enough room, but not much, for them to climb into. I placed a towel on the floor of each bunk. It worked really well. Then in 1990, I purchased a house and took Shadow and Andre with me. Andre lived another few years and Shadow another ten. Shadow was a tiny manx and Andre was a huge black and white cat with a large white mustache, but they were best friends. As with all my cats, I adored them both.

Try doing something like that for this cat. You'll probably have a friend for life. But it is important that you try and capture him to have him tested and neutered. Who knows? He might even be microchipped.


Octomom, I live in Renton, just outside Seattle. So it gets a little colder than you and a lot wetter! I have some very thick shrubbery and I know he hides under that during the rain, but I feel so badly for him out there while my two cats are cozy and warm and dry inside. He's been around for a couple of months now. We do have the same Feral Cat program so I'll check on line or with the Humane Society here. And I'll rig some kind of shelter for him in the mean time. Thanks for your input.


Trudy, I don't know where you live or if you get hard winters. If you can, you might create a box with a blanket for him to keep warm. If you can put his food somewhere sheltered, even better. Even a box turned sideways with an old blanket surrounding it is great for them in the winter.

In Oregon, we have the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO), where you can borrow a trap and they neuter and spay for around $20, then you release them back to where your live. That's one of the most important things you can do, to prevent overpopulation. If you can trap him and get him to the vet to be tested for disease, that would help. Even treated for mites and fleas while he's under getting neutered is good. How long has he been around?

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here. I usually only check my puzzles when I'm ready to post.


He's gorgeous Gail - glad you found the happy home for him!!


I have a feral in my back yard, but he is too skittish for me to get close to him. But he's there every morning and every evening for his bowl of food... I just wish I could help him more. Any suggestions?


Octomom, I think you're right. You'd be suprised how many animals, over the years, have appeared on our door step on Christmas day. Sometimes is a cat, but other times it was a young opossum, or a young raccoon. We would see deer in the yard, often.


He knew where to go. They always do.


He is a lucky kitty to have found you :)


Alvin before ~ fleabitten, wormridden, smelly, skinny, hungry, lonely, unneutered
Alvin after ~ clean, happy, fat

Unfortunately, he intimidated all the cats and terrified them. He was neutered by me, but he remained a dominant tom cat. He ended up, after two years with me, in a wonderful home, where he was king of the household. A happy ending for all.