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CHIHULY! Richmond! Sea Floor Display

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In another room there was a huge display on the floor that you walked around. It was a couple hundred feet long and fifteen-twenty feet wide and very organic. This was a spire "growing" out of it. I can post more puzzles if anyone wants-just let me know here.


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Thanks lectra, I'm happy your enjoying them-a few more to come yet. I guess Chihuly is the one to really thank! :-)


All of your photos of the exhibit are great but this created the out loud whoa ho response for both the art and photo. Thanks for posting these.


wow, beautiful!


There is never enough of a good art , so, keep posting whatever you can. I am sure everyone will appreciate it. Thanks.

Yes, warbler....very interesting displays.....draws the eyes to everything.


;-D. Me too. It was my daughter's fault in my case. She just solves the puzzles though I seem to have found a whole community of like-minded people so it's been more fun that I expected. I started solving and making some large puzzles and now I've switched to the smaller so I get a chance to pop in and visit a lot more people! I bookmark some bigger ones...often a case of eyes being bigger than stomach, as we used to say.

How wonderful to be a bird watcher. I only see the fellas and ladies during the regular course of my life but I love to hear their voices. I used to bring home injured birds as a child for my mother to help me heal and rehabilitate. Our youngest son followed in this tradition so we had a number of residents on their way through. The only one we couldn't release was the Mourning Dove...the little fellow imprinted on me and wouldn't leave home. (He was smaller than normal so perhaps he wouldn't have survived in the wild anyway...) I read Rachel Carson at a very impressionable age and would dread a Silent Spring.


I sang alot until seventh grade when my voice changed. That was the end of that, but I've Always been a pretty serious birdwatcher. I also used to do puzzles alot as a kid and even later. My manager of one of my businesses showed me this site and now I'm pretty sure I'm addicted:-)))


Thanks so much Dave. So...your profile name...the bird or are you a singer or both?


I'm glad your enjoying them Michelle. I'll put up more as I can. Thank you. Dave


Oh, I am so enjoying these today! A surfeit of riches for me. I will gladly appreciate any more of these that you want to post; you have done a beautiful job of photographing them. Thank you, warbler. Michelle