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Boxed Set of Saturday's Flower Wheels

36 pieces
154 solves
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Me too.




It is, Francine! Thank you. :-)


Hoping the worse is over for you.


Thanks so much, Francine! I just got done responding to one of your comments on your sliding tiles puzzle and mentioned that I was going to bed after I responded to any 'open' comments...and here you are. We must have just missed each other.

For anyone interested, I have the flu and won't be posting any puzzles today. It was a rough night, and it's going to be a rough day.


Wendy, lovely. The background one gives a great framed look. [I'll remember that...:-)))..] Thanks. (2:05)
BTW, re sliding tiles, saw your comments and responded.


I have to stay away from Bugosiland. I would be forever addicted and I don't have the time...not when I'm creating puzzles. :-)


....I can't lie, so did I....I'm having a lot os fun with jigidi - especially with Bugosiland....


Jon, ohhhh, don't get me wrong. I loved your "etiquette, schmediquette" as well, but when you topped it off with "it's a jigidi jungle out there...." I burst out laughing.


Hi Wendy - I love the banter. And, I loved the Etiquette, schmediquette line more than the jigidi jungle line.......


Ardy, that is a great time! Soon enough you're going to remain on top ten lists. I feel it! Put the mouse in the corner for a time out when he doesn't cooperate. In the past, a lot of my mice misbehaved so they ended up in boxes. I just can't bear to get rid of them though.

Holy mackerel! A strange wheel came by? Thank heavens Cassie and Maggie were with you. I'm so glad that you had fun though.

Jon, I love that- a Jigidi Jungle! Just for saying that, I hope no one removes your top spot here. ;-)

Mary, I left you a comment on another puzzle. You've only been solving puzzles for a little over a month. You'll get much faster if you have the desire to. :-)


Loved this! And a time of 3:39 to boot! Fast for me! LOL Thanks, Wendy!


Etiquette,'s a jigidi jungle out there.....


Not as fast as your speeders but I made it temporarily at 1:49. Might have done better but the mouse was rather uncooperative. But playtime was fun.
Did you hear the "girls' barking? A strange wheel came by and they were very protective. Thanks, Wendy. A fun time was had by all.


Pat, don't let Jon get away with it! He keeps forgetting that it's ladies before gentlemen. We'll have to give him a book dealing with proper etiquette.


And this is how I usually find myself I my own puzzles--trailing Jon...!

Love the puzzle--especially the border! Nifty one!