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Christmas collage

35 pieces
89 solves
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Latchhook spread on the back of the soda.


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Nicky, you just gave me a good laugh because I experience the same thing time after time. The faster I try to solve the slower I am. My theory is that if I'm slower than I got to enjoy the puzzle that much longer and the fun is what it's all about. Join the club!!! :-)) Thanks for a delightful comment. You describe my experience perfectly.


Gorgeous, Ardy. Sorry, I don't generally make the leader board myself either. It never ceases to amaze me how other people can do my puzzles quicker than I can do my own! Sometimes I post them, then do them and by the time I've done them about five others have already done them much faster! I just enjoy doing them, and get flustered if I'm trying to be too quick!!


Thanks, Pat. It kept my fingers busy before Jigidi. LOL


Gorgeous ... You do wonderful work... Thanks Ardy for sharing...


I did this one decades ago so it could be the same. See even then we were thinking alike. We were destined to become friends and I am so thankful we have reached there. Thanks for coming by. I always love to see you and enjoy your comments.


Ardy - this one looks so much like one I latchhooked for my Mom decades ago! I am not sure, but it think it is either the same, or close enough to be siblings! How funny!!
Good puzzle!! :D


Hi Hanne, the cat likes it too if I would let her on it. Thanks for coming by.


Ank, it was you and Jan (jiggy) that insisted I had to have some decoration up. You are seeing the result. Your time is great compared to mine 3:14. I'd rather have you here in the comments than up on the board anyway. (Although I do like stars on the board) Thanks for visiting me.


It's VERY lovely, Ardy, I like it so much, it looks so warm and soft!! Thanks so very much!!


Hi Barb, If you consider that the twelve days of Christmas begin today and last through January 6 I think we can have a few more Christmas puzzles. Wonder if anyone will post a partridge in a pear tree today? Thanks for coming by and as for time, well it took me 3:14 and its my puzzle!!


Lovely and beautiful, I like it very much. And sorry I could not make it faster as 2:43.


I wasn't fast enough on this one, Ardy (2:34). Lovely, cosy latchhook. It's so nice to be able to still do some Christmas puzzles for a few more days. Probably until the start of the New Year perhaps? :-)