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ZooTampa at Lowry Park, in Tampa, Florida.
October, 2013.

Should you wish to view additional zoo photos by Dave Parkinson, here is handy link:


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Thank you for commenting, Beekay. "We" have a ways to go, in getting all boaters to move carefully through waters where manatees are known to reside. Thank you for your hopeful expression. ♥︎♥︎


They are fascinating to see and I do hope "we" are doing a much better job now of protecting them.


Thank you, Janet, for your comment, for mentioning dugongs, and for noting that this is my avatar. ☺︎♥︎


How lovely to see your avatar bigger thanks Pam. We call them dugongs here but they are the same creatures. Hugs. ♥


Well, now you know, Lela...should you decide to visit with manatees, bring leafy goodies, please!
Again, thank you for your interest in the manatees. ☺︎


Sigh...those scars, they can be heartbreaking to see.
Thank you for commenting, fjed.
Crystal River is a popular spot for manatee viewing. It's a tad north of where I live, and well worth the trip. ☺︎


Oh ........ got that one wrong!


Manatees are herbivores, Lela, so water greenery such as grasses, leaves, algae, weeds, lettuce, celery, etc, are likely to "put a smile on their face", so to speak. :-))
Thank you for your interest and comment!


Friendly Sea Cows. Some of them have scars on their backs from friendly encounters with boat motors. We often went over to Crystal River to watch them. They liked it when we brought over heads of lettuce to munch on.


Say "cheese".......... or should it be "fish"?


Thank you, Ardy, for commenting, and for always being so appreciative of Dave's talent and his affinity for the animals. ♥︎♥︎


A sweet face, Pam. Dave's photos were all so special. Thank you.


So do I! Thanks, Iris. ♥︎☺︎♥︎


I love manatees. ☺♥☺