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Mardi Gras is February 16

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We are heading for a big time here. Super Bowl, Valentines Day followed closely by Mardi Gras! Good times!


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Good weather then Snooker, I'm glad!

My hoppin' days are just about over Foxy, but I can still have a bit of fun!


Looks like the old town will be hoppin', Mimi!

Balcony view sounds about right to me :-)

Didn't rain and not too hot so we walked the streets comfortably. Thank, Mimi.


Very good advice Shirley, especially about the shirt! :) Thanks re the Village decor.

I'm glad you had a chance for a bit of the fun, Snooker. Hope the weather was OK, we never know!

Was also in NO once just before Mardi Gras. Great place.


From the comments I read, Mimi, I think you should watch from your balcony, and keep your shirt on, Luke will give you all the beads you want, :):):) Love your Village Decor.


Can't wait to see both of you Ank and Hanne, wouldn't we have a great time!


I've got another appointment on the 16th, but I'll come as fast as possible afterwards!! Thanks so very much, Mimi!!


I'm on my way Mimi, let's party.


Love your comments Mamere, keep them coming!

I love New Orleans! Voodoo fest through Jazz fest is always such a blur, but Mardi Gras "season" is one of my favorites. Thanks for the comment, I have way too much time on my hands!


Right you are Mamere! Let the good times roll! P.S. You are sooooo speedy. I admire you but I have no idea how to do that!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


You are welcome Grandma, glad I could answer the question.

Doglovertoo those sound absolutely wonderful. Same principle - eat too much then fast. I would like to order several dozen of those please! ( But make mine without the calories please, calories don't count on Mardi Gras!)

EF, the fun has begun!


Fun fun fun


And let the fun begin! :)


Here in the Detroit area, fat Tuesday is also known as paczki day, a Polish tradition wherein they make paczkis the day before Lent starts. Paczkis are a doughnut filled with all sorts of delicious fillings AND CALORIES (about 1,000 per). People line up for blocks at the various Polish bakeries to get their fill. They are delicious, but as I stated they are about 1,000 calories each.


Thanks, i thought it might be that, but one never really knows for sure with all the mardi gras that goes on........


Grandma, I believe it comes from the fact that Mardi Gras is the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I guess you are suppose to indulge before beginning the Lenten Fast.


Does anyone know where the term FAT TUESDAY comes from.?


It is cool Gnt, thanks!

Sitting on a balcony is fun Chickie, I've done it many times. But getting down with the crowd is fun too, especially when you're young! Glad you like the puzzle.

Doglovertoo, if you were there the day before that's called Lundi Gras. But there are parades for weeks ahead of time - they started last week, so it could have been most any time. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and I'm glad you kept your shirt on. The showing for beads is a thing young tourists do, New Orleanians are not impressed by that kind of behavior. But we do love all the excitement, the floats, the throws etc.


Many years ago my late husband I were in New Orleans but not for Mardi Gras. It was a day or so before and it was called something else. It was a lot of fun, though AND NO, I DIDN'T SHOW ANYTHING TO GET MY BEADS!!!


Have been to New Orleans, but never to Mardi Gras. I think I would only enjoy it if I was sitting in a balcony watching. Thanks for the puzzle mimi.


looks cool fo me LOL


I forgot to say that this is the entrance to our little Park. The decorations are changed with the Season.