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You're welcome Mimi and thank you... I thought Robbie's story was wonderful.... :) :)


I love this puzzle and I love Robbie's story! Thanks to you both!


What a treat for Jenny... 7 years old and an elephant on your farm... Something you would never forget... And to know Gunda is still alive and well at a spa zoo... Wonderful.... Thanks so much for telling us this lovely story Robbie....

As for being only 4 to Jeny's 7..... Ahem.... Wishful thinking on your part maybe.... :) :)


Too true pumpkin... :) :)


Thanks, Shirley.... I couldn't resist her either... With her hand back, guiding the baby by his trunk.... Off to discover the world together.... :) :)


They are smart Snooker... If they weren't so big, they'd make great house pets.... :) :)


What a fine story, Robbie!!!


Hi SMor, this is a really cool puzzle and reminds us of a story in 1954. Jenny was 7 and her father was a stevedore on the Hamilton docks. An Asian elephant called 'Gunda' was off loaded here to wait for an overdue freighter to take her to the United States. There was nowhere suitable to keep her so jenny's family had her for two weeks. They had a lot of land and a farm and looked after her. Half of Bermuda went down to see her and caused quite a stir in the Island. We are not 100% sure but we think she is in the Tulsa Zoo and celebrated her 62nd birthday this september. She is the oldest animal ever to live at the zoo and is the third oldest zoo elephant in the world.
I was only 4 and don't remember her, Jenny says thanks for the memory.


Amazing creatures.


How cute is the little girl with the tiny baby elephant?, both adorable. Thanks Sally.

Great animals and so smart.