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My baby girl! She's getting so big!

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Taken yesterday...


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Thanks, Emerger!


She's darling! With that face she's going to be a beauty when she grows up. And look at that smile. She's a real winner.


Laura, thanks! She's got her daddy's ringlets (not that he'd admit to having ringlets). I am so envious!
Linda, she's 22 months old. We've been in our terrible twos now for 18 of those 22 months. Besides inheriting her daddy's ringlets, she's also got his "assertive" nature. She keeps me on my toes!
Kvalliere, a little neighbor toddler boy has already picked flowers for her. She didn't seem overly impressed. It seems she may also inherit her daddy's common sense.
Thanks for your comments! I'm glad to share one of our greatest joys with my jigidi friends!


You will need to keep her under lock and key when she get older Very cute


She is a darling child! How old is she?


Those pig tails are so cute!