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Kaleidoscope of Variegated Yarn

36 pieces
80 solves
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Gail, find an older puzzle of mine and tell me your husband's name and favourite colours. I haven't been on-line much the last couple of days (just posting and doing quick runs through the field) and I didn't see your comments. I would like to try to create something for him too. My thoughts are with you both. *hugs* to you, sweetie.


Thank you, Roerick. My husband is having radiation, not chemo, so hopefully he won't be feeling quite as ill. Right now he feels great. 20 minutes is really close. There are 3 other Jigidiers really close to me. One in Coon Rapids, one in Andover, and one in Moundsview. One of them I met on Jigidi and the other 2 I introduced to Jigidi.


I just read your post in answer to me . Oakdale is right off of hwy 94 and 494. Coon Rapids is only 20 minutes from Oakdale. We'll have to meet after Hubby is finished with chemo and feeling better. My prayers will be with the two of you from now on.


Great puzzles tonight. Will add you and hubby to my prayer list. Only good thoughts, Gaillou.


I'm glad you liked this, Michelle. Actually the original picture was one I found on the internet. I have plenty of yarn. I should take pictures of it, too.
I'm especially happy that you told me about my mandela. I somehow missed the first posting. We have been to Mayo Clinic 3 times already this month, staying overnight twice. We will be going again on Monday, and then my husband starts radiation, so that's 5 times a week for 7 weeks. Your mandela is a mood brightener when I desperately needed it. Thank you so much. Hugs!


You had fun with this! Double duty: the yarn as art and the yarn to make art. I love it!

I re-posted your mandala with a minor tweak: