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Paper Doll Ad for Munsingwear

72 pieces
75 solves
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I bookmarked this one, Joyce, and just managed to do it. My time matched Quartina so I just missed the board...oh me. I do like Quartina though so it's OK...I came close. I had to comment on this one since it reminded me of my niece who refers to garments such as these as, "unders!" I still love this description which was given to me when Anna was just a little girl. Carole


Hi Tatinha ~ I'm glad the daily paper doll puzzles bring you nice memories. :)))


When I was a little kid my parents don't have enough money to buy me dolls. They bought some paper dolls then, I love them. I've made some paper dolls with fashion clothes to my nieces they love it. Thanks very much for bringing me such old and new memories.


Hi Judy ~ I just downloaded a ton more this a.m.!!! LOL I have got to stop looking for them or start posting just paper dolls. :)))))))))))


Good old union suits! Amazing how many different kinds of paper dolls there are!!!