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California Thunderstorm on 6th March

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The increased exposure allows the camera to take in more light and therefore capture multiple lightning forks in a single shot


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Jerry I've still got my medium format cameras. A several film types as well. Finding film is the big issue.


You're lucky Jerry, photography is one of your hobbies, so a film and digital camera would be simple for you to use. I am rubbish with both, even a phone camera.


It seems this is easier with a film camera than a digital. My film cameras (that I don't have anymore) had a bulb setting where you could hold the shutter open indefinitely. I used this to capture the muzzle blast of the ship's 3"50 cannon on a dark night. Got it on the first try but of course it was days until I got the processed film back and saw it. BTW, we weren't shooting at anyone, it was a gunnery drill way offshore.