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Foreign Words with no English Equivalent #12 - Sonder

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24 pieces
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I often find myself feeling wonder when I think about sonder....


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Max et al:

Sonder is a 'made up' word.

One of the things I love about Shakespeare is how he made up words for things that previously hadn't had a word.

Sonder comes from a dude who makes up words with zero etymology (which I don't like), but you've got to hand it to him for coming up with word for things we have no words for.

Hence, his

Yes, that is Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

It's hilarious and brilliant but better looked at when you feel very lousy. It's depressing AF.


There's no need to bring in the clowns. As the lyrics say, "don't bother they're here".


Air has cleared... erm.

MAX is still spouting and causing the trouble he generally does.

Bring in the Max_Tooney (note no plural, you are one of a kind) Clown....




Ah, Stephen Sonderheim: 'Bring in the Jigidi Clowns' and others...


I do, too, Floyd.

Seems the air has cleared around here, Mazy.


I wonder what history a person has and what kind of life
they are having. ??




aw, there's the Ellen we all love...


Sonder is similar to ponder, isn't it? I've often wondered how the people I see came to be here, right at this moment.