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Marching Stars

480 pieces
248 solves
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Yes, you certainly did, you dirty rat...... :-PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP


I don't believe I've ever left the clock running for more than a few seconds. Besides, the puzzle pauses itself after one minute of no mouse movement. This puzzle just took me a looonnnggg time :)))

And I think you are selling yourself short, it's more abnormal than not for us to be far apart. Although I did whomp you on one of Hanne's puzzles recently!!! :PPPP


Either that or you left the clock running at some point! LOL! I'm glad that my speedy friend sometimes posts times that look more familiar to me! :-)))


It would seem I started this puzzle some time ago and then forgot about it. It was surprising how little I had left to put together. My solve time is slowwwwww. I guess I spent too much time staring at the parade of stars :)))) (1:32:01)


Thanks so much, jillyjig! :-)))

Loved it!! Thank you!


I also made a monster version--do you think it's worth posting, monster mavens?! LOL!

I just did it, and I loved it! :-)))