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Dots All, Folks (Smaller)

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235 solves
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Will do!


Pat, you always create perfectly balanced puzzles. This one is just strikingly beautiful for a bunch of dots.

About the comments on one of willymon's puzzles- email me which one. I don't know which one you're talking about!


By the way, I thought the names in the line-up and the comments posted were just perfect on that willymon puzzle...! LOL!!!!!


Why am I not surprised that you were drawn to a dotty puzzle, Wendy?..... LOL! I do appreciate your comment--I try hard to give the puzzles the right balance (or imbalance, if that's what I'm after), and I'm happy when people notice that! :-)))


Pat, I always love your crazy kaleidoscopes more than your originals but for some reason, I LOVE this one more than your K. The way you spaced your dots, the size of the dots, AND finally, the color of your dots were all perfect choices. I've never seen a 'dotty' puzzle that I loved as much as this one.


I may be the only person on Jigidi who doesn't know that song! Anyway, I'm glad this puzzle cheered you up--thanks, Rosie! :-)))


I'm back to being late but yesterday was a hard day. Tonight, after doing your heart puzzle, I found that I needed something to lift my spirits and I knew I had to come here. Love your title but I'm singing "Tiny Bubbles". Thanks for this, Rosie.


I'm forever drawing bubbles, pretty bubbles on the screen; they come to me, for puzzles on Jigidi..... :-)))

Thanks so much, laurajane, Barb, Edie, Katie, Wendy (and Wendy), Ardy, and PJ! I can't help but laugh ruefully that this puzzle, which required no careful planning or plotting or designing, is doing so much better than my (carefully wrought, mostly) small ones usually do...LOL!


Oh my dottiness - how fun, Pat - very enjoyable,


I'm hearing Don Ho singing "Tiny Bubbles." Thanks (?) Pat.


I just noticed the title; that's PERFECT too!


Pat, these are FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!!!! WOW!!!!!


Fun design with fun colors. Thanks Pat!


Great title, and fun puzzle. Thanks Pat


Love this, Pat! Lots of bright colours and a fun puzzle to solve. Judging by the title I think Porky Pig enjoyed this as well. :-)))


I see spots before my eyes. great puzzle, Pat. Thank you!