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Tuart Trees From The Rarest Forest In The World... Western Australia....

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Eucalyptus gomphocephala occurs only in the Southwest Botanical Province of Western Australia.... Tuart being predominantly a coastal tree, the Tuart forest occurs only in a narrow belt along the coast.... The world's only tall Tuarts grow in an area of less than 2,000ha (Approx. 3000 acres) around Ludlow near Busselton, 200 km (approx. 130 miles) south of Perth, making it one of the rarest forests in the world.... Many over 34 meters (100 feet) tall....

The inset is a photo of some seed pods/gum nuts straight from the forest floor....


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Aw shucks... I bought a really, really long suitcase... I guess I'll have to settle for photos... :) :)) :)))


One minute short of load ditto but I love the trees. No you cannot take any home.


These Tuarts don't win the tallest tree award... Just a super gorgeous and rare award... The California Redwoods include the tallest trees now living.... Up to 180 feet tall and 26 feet in diameter... Pretty big... Thanks, Mimi.... :) :)) :)))


Snooker, from my vast stores of Australian flora and fauna knowledge (Got a bridge if you're interested... LOL) Koalas don't eat Tuart tree leaves... The Tuarts only grow in Western Australia in a narrow area along the coast.... Koalas on the other had are not found in Western Australia... So no Tuart leaves for them and no koalas in the Tuart branches... :) :) :)))


Thank you, Gwen... Not sure how they smell... Being eucalyptus trees, they have that eucalyptus oil smell... All around the forest is clear and clean and fresh... And yes, Gwen you're so right, it smells wonderful!!!! :) :)


Thank you, Sissel... Glad you liked my photos and enjoyed the variety of puzzles today.... Have a good day with lots of colour in your world.... :) :)


Your got that right, Shirley... Fresh air and lots of it... I'm in awe of all the trees here... Such interesting shapes... Each one has its own beauty... Most everything I painted in Art class was of the beautiful tress here... Thanks, mate.... :) :)


Its a lovely place, come on over and poke some more, you'll love it... We had a rain storm last night, everything smells so good this morning.... We were out all day yesterday down to Cowaramup... Pretty little town, with a cow theme and cow statues all over the place... Then on to Cape Naturaliste for a squizzy at the beach... The final stop Ngilgi Cave in Yallingup... Awesome... Needless to say we are exhausted today... Thank you, Rob.... :) :))


Thank you, Jill... Down Under is a wonder... Especially out in the smaller towns... A little bit like your Jekyll Island, only with kangaroos.... The flora and fauna are delightful.... Thanks for letting me know you liked the info part... I'll keep that in mind... The puzzle did not turn out as clear as the individual photos... (A drats moment)... I think because of the long narrow format... I think when Jigidi does it's resize to our puzzles certain formats are slightly altered.... Not sure about the teaching part, but I'll give her a go.... Got an excellent teacher here, if I need more facts.... :) :)) :)))


These are wonderful Sally. Are they taller than Calif. redwoods?

Do koalas eat these leaves as they are eucalyptus lovers? Didn't see the gomphocephala listed in their diet.


Fascinating! Thank you for the info. Do they smell wonderful?


Great photos and a beautiful puzzles - thanks for the set :-)


Wonderful Eucalyptus Trees, and these ones are huge, when I look at these trees it makes me think ' Fresh Air' nothing else like it, Thank you Sally. :):)


They look like great trees Sally. I've only been to WA once - for a Navy Reunion in Perth - & we hired a car & drove down to Bunbury, Busselton & on to Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. It's a beautiful area down there & we'd like to go back one day & take our time to poke around a bit more! Thanks!


Thanks for the info! Anything I can learn about fascinating Down Under, the better! I'm sure many are as curious as I, so know that your taking the time to write about this interesting forest was definitely time well spent! Teach on, Teach!