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Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

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In street parlance "sick" does also mean cool, or great.

Just sayin'


rostoff....I couldn't have said it better. Not only was it wholesome, it was hilarious, especially the part where Marilyn gets stuck in a you remember that scene with the little boy? I still chuckle when I think of it. Pay no mind to bluebird225. He is ill-informed and ignorant.


Good God! What the hell is wrong with you. This is from a movie from 60 years ago. It shows two fully clothed women showing their legs. Are you on medication? In what world is women showing their legs sick? This is a beautiful beautiful picture from days gone by filled with wholesomeness, fun, love, and happiness. Talk to a shrink or a clergyman. You are seeing things that are not there. I watched this movie with my mother in the sixties and she goes to church every week and she loved the movie.

That is really, SICK
That is really, SICK.!



Gentlemen Prefer Blondes....with Jane Russell as her sidekick