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Poor Mlle. Shyla d'Ragon...........

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You have it figured perfectly Ann! The birds will EACH be able to "stand on their own" but will be a part of the entire piece. I agree that the "reveal" sequence would be better when viewed together rather than spread over a long period. I'm currently accumulating the material (steel) for the piece. Have a great day! (Love your new avatar!)


For those of you who didn't meet Shyla last year, she is my official Front Entryway Guardian. She is usually a gentle, really shy little dragon---she hates it when I want to take her picture---and is uncomfortable around strangers. This makes her a perfect guardian---her discomfort makes her very watchful & wary of the motives of a stranger at the door.
She can be riled, though, & I suspect a few unwelcome visitors have gotten their backsides singed when I wasn't home. I've had to help her find & gather new nesting material a few times because the old stuff had been burned up, presumably by a burp or two of leftover dragonfire. This is why her nest is metal, filled with dirt---all that burns is the soft stuff.
She seems reconciled to Butter bringing home friends, though. She, Butter, Squirmy, & Senorita Bella do seem to be adjusting well to each other. However, I hope these are the last Monsieur LeFly brings home, though. If more friends play on his & Ms. d'Ragon's sympathy we might need to find a bigger nest!...........


And it makes a lovely puzzle. Thanks Ann


Very interesting thanks Annjax


Oh Shyla, you have a biiiig and warm heart, and Monsieur LeFly you are a wonderful friend!! Thanks so very much for giving these poor creatures a place to live throught the winter!! - and thank YOU too, Ann dear!!


Wow,...there's a lot goin' on here, about which, I had no clue! (teehee)


Poor Shyla---that rascal, Monsieur Butter LeFly, has brought TWO of his friends to live with him & Shyla, for their protection. Mr. Squirmy Worm was constantly threatened by birds every morning when he poked his head up to check the weather, and feared for his life. The very beautiful (but somewhat flighty! She had not made prior arrangements.) Srta. Bella Mariposa was in danger of freezing to death and needed the 'warmth' of Shyla's breath to survive the coming Winter. Butter knows Shyla is a shy & usually very gentle dragon who just couldn't refuse to help those in need. Poor Shyla---I guess her solitude is lost forever.
Wonder who Butter will bring home next. Hmmmm...............