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Bring it on!

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Gosling's Black Seal, Robbie - you can't beat it!!


Did I tell you all that thanks to Jenny and Robbie I have an avatar?! Jenny took the photo just outside on their veranda and Robbie guided us to get it set up and posted.


There is also the train! Sister flying here to CT, we are taking train to NYC & cruise boat to Bermuda in 3 weeks!! I would love to get your POV on a couple of things in Bermuda Robbie, if it is possible for you to email me at my name That's right, not an imaginative cell in my whole body!!


Sure Ank, come on over!


Robbie do you think I can make it with my little boat?

Love the photo of two happy girls.


Thanks lajuin I sure wish you could visit. However you would have to fly to NYC to get a cruise, unless you found one going through the Panama Canal then change for another over! We did have fun meeting Marilyn. Thanks.


Oh, Robbie, You have made me want to visit.. but, alas, I have no magic carpet and have sworn off airports. S'pose a cruise ship would go from here to there?

Truly it makes my heart swell to know that there is goodness expressed by folks like you.


You're a card PG!!


Being a docent of many talents I was not sure if such a lovely lady was not made up in your imagination and photoshoped onto a picture you took. That is very possible and you have told some tall tails to the group. I, as you know am noted for my purity of heart and mind, when I can find them. :)


Thanks PG, so it took about a year and holiday pictures then a jigidi visitor to finally convince you?! Well thanks for your trust!
Well I'm going to Cape Breton Graci, no-one wants to go there either in the winter!


You can move to Ontario, you'll be safe for the next 6 months, nobody will want to come here, too cold.


We were thinking you made up the lady Jenny but now there is no denying her existence. Very please to meet you and Marilyn and see you are both enjoying your visit.


Yes Graci or move to............????? Thanks.
Hi JJ, thanks and it is nice to see faces.


What a neat surprise to see these puzzles today - jenny, HI!!! And Marilyn, so great to see you, too!! To put the faces with the names is really wonderful!! Thank you Robbiel!!


After this news Robbie you better buy yourself a mansion!


Thanks PD, I'm hoping thjat 100 of you don't turn up at once !! Always pleased to meet new friends.
The girls say thanks Morris, Shirley and Hanne.


SO beautiful - both of you!! Thanks so very much Robbie!


Hi Marilyn and Jenny, lovely to meet you both, and see your smiling faces


Very nice!!


What a wonderful, welcoming couple you and Jenny are! You two definitely are the hostests with the mostests!


They are tex, our comments crossed, thanks.
Yes snooker and thanks, we did.
She did Sindy, we had fun, thanks.
Come on down treker!
Yes it was PKH, we took Marilyn from one end of the Island to the other. She could have asked the captain to dock his ship closer to us, but didn't!
Yes yellow, good fun meeting someone new. Thanks.

And a fine time is being had by all . . . how neat is that!


Looks like celebration time to me!



Ah, yes--Jenny DID escape! Have fun, all! :D

Two good looking women, Robbiel. Have a good visit.


Done Graci, come on over!
Jenny is p[leased to meet you too chookies, thanks.
Ok BBM, we are having a good visit, thanks.
They are pleased to meet you too Robbos, thanks.


Girls just wanna have fun, and they look like they are.


Good morning ladies, I'm pleased to meet you both.


Thanks for letting Jenny out from behind the camera, Robbie. Have a wonderful visit.


Well hello there, Jenny, pleased to meet you!!


Mix one up for me Robbie! thanks