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Bargello quilt

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49 solves
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I pieced and quilted this quilt on a regular sewing machine. All of the fabric are animal prints except for the border.


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Thank you for the nice comments on my quilt. The bargello pattern is one of my favorites. The simpler designs aren't as hard to piece as they look.


I agree with sewandsew - it's fabulous. Mind boggling, really. I can't use a sewing machine. I stitch tapestries and have never done anything like this. I'm amazed that you can just have some scissors and a spool of thread with a few scraps and away you go! If that's all you need, perhaps I could give it a try!


gorgeous!!! OMG! it's stunning. it really is. I haven't master machine quilting, I hand quilt. I find it more relaxing than sitting at the machine. I am at the machine piecing quilt tops for hours, days, months, and sometimes I just want to be in another room with a spool of thread a hand needle and little scissors and relax. - Ada