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Delicate conversation! Just before the Ball dropped!

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My wife and I stayed home tonight and as we were sitting the the tv room waiting for the ball to drop so we could hug and dance, I looked UP and here's what I saw:
Nami--(on the right) It looks like the humans are going to do something wierd again.
Jack--(on the left) I'm hungry.
Nami--I think we should play it safe and get out of here.
Jack--Do ya see any food anywhere?
Nami--Come on lets go while we can.
Jack-- OK Lets go to the kitchen in case there's something good setting out.
Happy New Year All jigidies from Jack and Nami


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Anyone who has ever had cats can't help but love this picture!


haha, good one Warbler, real funny!


Warbler, just wanted to drop by and say a personal Thank You for your support, caring and thoughts while Bella and her brother continue through their journey to finidng forever homes. I saw this puzzle and knew it had to be the one to leave my message after solving it!!! Bandit came out from hiding last night and curled up beside me on sofa as I was bringing in the new year and replying to comments here on Jigidi. It was sooooo nice to have him by my side once again. He is back in his hiding mode again today as Bella is still with us. The trucker still hasn't made it out to pick her up. I am glad that I am putting him to a test to see if he is worthy of her. Looks like we might just have to continue looking for just the right forever home for her.

May the new year bring all of us pet lovers more happiness and enjoyment!!!! Pet Lovers Unite LOL Kathy :-)


Thanks Nurith. And then they have that nine lives thing going, too!

Thanks Healer Health and prosperity to you! I'm curious about your name)

Happy Mew Year- I'll always remember that one as from you Michelle! Thanks

Happy New Year from Belgium
I have 2 cocker spaniels but my daughter has 7 cats.
They are so much smarter than humans,they sleep, get there food, there carresses, and when they have enough, they sleep again. And all that for free!!!


What a wonderful picture and story, Nami and Jack are priceless.
I wish you and yours the best in the New Year. Happy New Year!


I just had to laugh when I saw the expressions...especially Jack's! Then reading your translation had me laughing again... Our animal companions do have a way of making us feel just a tad foolish at times, don't they? I love that we have them in our lives to keep us humble. (Well, I love having them in our lives for many reasons but that is one of them, for certain.)

Happy Mew Year, Jack and Nami!

And a very happy, healthy and loving New Year to you, your sweetheart and your extended family too! It's been fun meeting you, Dave.


Thank you robryan. Happy and Healthy New Year to you, too!


You have two gorgeous cats warbler!!! Happy New Year to you both from Australia!!