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Pied Currawong on feeder

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Taken 3 days ago.
Last night the pesky Possums tipped the heavy glazed pottery dish over the side & it smashed on the garden edging! UGH! Just as well I bought two!

Crows, Noisy Miners, Currawongs and Crested Pigeons have found the feeder, but not the Lorikeets!!


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Thanks Allie - I forgot to post the link to the bird call - I did that when I posted a previous photo of him!

It sure did Floyd - thanks:)))

Yeah, yeah:)))) We're working on modifying the dish holder, and if that doesn't work them I'll just put it down on the ground at night Dave. I think the possums were lifting the pottery dish (which I put the bread/honey/water mix in) to get to some seed underneath it - so we'll separate the dish and the tray completely and, hopefully, that will do the trick!!! I can understand why you bring your Hummer feeders in - they look quite fragile! Thanks!!!


We have to bring our hummingbird feeders in every night because of possums, racoons, and other troublemakers that come by at night.


They are coming!! They are coming!!! Can you bring the dish in at night and take it out in the morning?


Your bird feeder got some attention.
Nice to see your different birds.
Thanks Rob.


lovely bird - will go on utube to hear his song. Thanks robyn! x


It's smaller than a Crow Ami - but sounds HEAPS nicer:)))) They don't seem to have a bad reputation though - not like Hawks etc!! Thanks!!!


It looks kinda big and maybe a tad dangerous!


Thanks Barb - some of your birds seem very exotic to me:))))

That's a good idea Shirley - I might give it a try!! We did really well with the rain - had a total of 73mm - 3" - all up:))) It was fantastic!!! Thanks!!

Thanks ikook - another good idea to try - as the Possums only visit at night!

Thanks Ank:)))

LOL!! I guess they do sound a bit strange - but then, so do some of yours:))) Thanks Suzy!!


What fun names you have for your birds, Robyn! :) He's a pretty fella with his white markings and large beak.
SO VERY SORRY about your pottery dish. Nasty little possums!


Very nice. Love the info and the comments too☺


Nice one, Robyn! It's wonderful that you have so many birds coming already. I bet the lorikeets won't be long, especially when the neighbours feeder is so crowded.
A temporary solution for the possums might be to put the plate and bowl on the ground in the late evening, because like you said, at least nothing gets waisted.


Rob, you could try wrapping a piece of plain flat tin around the post to deter the possums, but this will only work if they climb up the posts, I'd suspect they may be coming down from the trees above, then this idea won't work. Good to see you have some birds finding your feeder. good luck, and I hope the lorikeets find it soon.
We've only had 7mm of rain, very disappointing.


Very exotic, again....LOL You must be tired of reading all my 'exotic' comments...LOL But then, everything from Oz is exotic to me...LOL Wishing you lorikeets on your new feeder :)))


Mine too Janet - I really like their songs:))) No - still no lorikeets - but they did discover a hanging seed feeder near by!!!! So I guess that's a start!
We've had 15mm and it's still falling:))) Good steady light rain - and it's soaking in!!!! I agree about the farmers - but at least it's better than nothing!! I hope you get some more overnight - ours is predicted to clear tomorrow morning. Thanks!


One of my favourite birds, Rob. I LOVE their song and they are cheeky and clever. Still no Lorikeets! That's disappointing. How's your rain?? We've had steady rain all day, great for the garden, but it won't do much for the poor farmers. Thanks and hugs, Janet


I just checked on Wikipedia and it says they are in a group on their own Marian. They are smaller than Crows & a bit bigger than Magpies - and have a very melodious call that is lovely to listen to. They have yellow eyes too - which I really like!!! Thanks!!!


I don't remember this bird from my Adelaide it a relative of the magpie Rob?


LOL! Maybe it's just because he's leaning over Beekay - I have other photos of him upright & he looks more in proportion:))))
I've been racking my brain trying to think of a way to out-wit the damn Possums and still have it bird-friendly!! Thanks :))


Somehow the front 1/2 of this bird doesn't seem to match the back 1/2...
Good thing you bought two feeders, May want to buy another for your spare on your next shopping trip!