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Still together

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I've been trying to get a good shot of these two together at night but Cloud gets up now whenever I open the door. They sit side by side on the roost. During the day they'll still be in the same area but not as close together as they used to be.


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Nice to see them again, Edie. Thanks for indulging us a little.


These two are so interesting together. It seems Sally has replaced her sister with Cloud but now Cloud is feeling like a teenager and saying "Leave me alone around the others. They pick on me when you're around."


Good I'm glad. Maybe you should spare them the other update.


My students are going to be so happy with this picture - they just think it is wonderful to see two birds being so protective of each other; thank you Edie for bringing us up to date :o)


Thanks everyone for staying connected to these two. For some reason Cloud now gets up whenever I open the door of the coop. I shot this pic just before he jumped down and went into one of the nesting boxes where Sally followed him. I'm finding that Sally still cackles around him all day but he pays less attention to her now and goes about doing his own thing. He is not bullied to the extent that she is and will often be eating with the group when I throw bread or scratch to them. Suzy has now moved into the bantam coop full time. I think she was being bullied by Sally and one of the other two Bella or Donna. Hopefully by the end of next month I'll be able to get them all moved in there. The fact that there is no visible comb developing leads me to think hen rather than roo but the black roo was older than this when he showed his true colours. He's staying either way but a hen would make things easier.


Wonderful to see these two! Interesting that they are separating a little during the day, if not at night. Thanks Edie.


Edie, they must really feel a sense of fellowhip, closeness???? A wonderful shot of my two favorites,


Cloud has grown. That look in his/her eye says "Here she comes again, Mom." Thanks, Edie. I'm glad they are still together. Do you know yet whether Cloud is a he or a she?


Hopefully, they will protect one another from the bullies in the flock. :)))


They are still sweet to see together. Thanks, Edie!


Lovely to see my faves still together, Edie. Best buds forever. :-))))