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Good Morning Thought

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Old Woodie Car


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I came at it a different way. When I traveled around the world, I found that some other countries' currencies were also called "dollars", although they weren't US dollars. The conversion rate was anywhere from 5-40 to 1 (e.g. 5 New Taiwan dollars might be equal to 1 US dollar). So you buy them in Taiwan for NT$5 (US$1) and sell them for US$3. Profit 67%.

The problem with the solution proposed - which is probably the accepted solution - is that it requires that he already *be* a millionaire; you only become a millionaire on the way up, not on the way down. Saying "in no time at all he would be a millionaire" implies causality, i.e. the implicit condition that he is *not* a millionaire now, so it does not compute. That's like saying if I went out and started digging holes in the yard, in no time at all I would be a college graduate.

I confess I was always bad at these; they never seem to make sense.


Thanks skpy nice to see you... I wish it was that simple too.
Lucy my thoughts exactly ...
Fran great to see you...
Gene so glad you liked it...
Jan Well coconuts I believe are harder material..
Sis thanks I did have a beautiful day...
Laura thanks for stopping in...


Another great oldie!


Good afternoon Sissy. A nice one. Thanks. Have a beautiful day.


If he was on assault team, he should have brought pineapples.


Great post Pat :-)))))


Thanks Pat. Another good one. :)


IF i were this man and a billionaire i would not want to lose that much to become a millionaire. That is not a normal reaction when one has money.


Wish it was that simple! Good to see your brain teasers (and you) as well.


That's a good trade skpy .. where do I send it to.. good to see you.


I'd gladly trade you - we have a clear blue sky... I love the rain!


Good morning Ardy they are good one aren't they... Have a great day It's raining here..


Love the comments, Pat. Good one. Thanks. A lovely car too.


Now that's a goodie Jim... best one yet...


And then he got elected to Congress and they are using his model to balance the budget!


But it only says they are for the assault team...He did give the right answer...


I see his logic but here is another thought. what if they were sold not only for assault but for the milk and the meat of them. that means selling them 3 times.


You are such a smarty pants .. Hip hip hurray he got it .. Thanks you Sir Wizard Starlord..


Right :-)
He buys them for $5 a dozen and would sell them at $3 a dozen.
So he loses $2 a dozen every time.
If he would end up as a millionaire, that means he must be more than a millionaire now.
So he has to be a billionaire


Ok smarty pants Sir Wizard Starlord... oh I forgot Good morning my dear Sir


What has a dirty box got to do with the deal???.are they stolen to begin with.???


Now this is an easy one :-)


Good morning Lucy and Lorna read it again then you figure it out...


Apart from wondering what exactly is the coconut air assault team, I have no idea, though Lucy has a good idea.


Good morning Pat , it could be the guy would resell the coconuts. back to the air assault team every time the are used.