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Julia Symmetry Four

49 pieces
89 solves
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Linda,,you are still#1 out of 82. Wow! I'm glad you enjoyed the colors! Yes, we are having a wonderful,time. Thank you!


I don't very often spend much time in the top 10 but I am thrilled to be here for the moment. Thanks for another beautiful puzzle. I absolutely love the colors. Hope you are having a wonderful day.


Pilley, you are at 2 now, but that is 2 out of 47. That's impressive.Almost 2 minutes difference between 9 and 10 which is quite a jump! You are more than welcome!... :-)


Thanks, Shirley! This is my very favorite green to go with purple.... I'm glad it added itself, which it did, lol! It is now almost 2:00AM and we have arrived at Jekyll. Jim has gone to bed... all the drivin' and jivin' has worn him out. I'm up until the air conditioner cools down the house. That thermostat is the first thing I touch when I get here! I'm glad you loved this one, dear friend!... :-)


Hmmm, L, what excuse could I dream up? I know.... our trip was delayed so we left for Jekyll at 5:30 PM. I created and then solved this puzzle en route (a passenger, not a driver). Nope. Even though it is a true story, it would not have made a whit of difference in my time. Ah! I bet it was the fact that Jim had Boz Skaggs blasting on the radio as he whistled and snapped his fingers to "Dirty Low Down" Love him immensely anyway. I'm glad you thought itmwas excellent, dear one!


What a shocker to be first with all this competation, thanks for the post.


Yes, Ms Sally, you are bright eyed and bushy tailed this afternoon, ( or is it still morning for you) you came in 16 seconds under my time too, good onya! Fabulous, Purple fractal,I love it, Thanks Jill.


Wow all this Fractalicious Julia symmetry and purple too... How good is this... :) Notice please.... Drum roll.... I got you... By almost 3 minutes... You must have taken a cat nap or Jim needed an extra hug.... Excellent creation good buddy.... :) :)