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Just Some More Rectangles (Smaller)

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No, I appreciate your telling me! I had no idea about that, and I love learning new things! Thanks, Ardy! :-)))


Pat FYI Mallets are often used in bell playing for a percussive effect. They are held and used similarly to drum sticks. For the smallest bells the head is hard rubber but for the rest the head is tightly wrapped yarn in varying sizes, getting larger as the bells get bigger. The heads go from about the size of a nickel to a medium orange. Now you know more than you wanted to know.


I guess I thought it was percussion because it looked like she was holding little drum mallets, or whatever they're called, but of course you would recognize what she's doing and holding better than I!!! Yes, Susan is his wife. I check his puzzles not only because I like them, but because I love Jan's caption puzzles, and he's so very often the one with the best entry, so I started going to his puzzles, too. :-)))

Thanks so much, Diane. There will be more rectangles today--this time with a circle, just for fun! :-)))


Squares and rectangles galore-I enjoyed solving this. Thank you. DIANE FROM NEW JERSEY


Thanks, Pat. I had not seen this. I'm assuming Susan is Jcarroll's wife. At least I had a note that his wife's name is Susan. I don't think she is doing percussion in that picture. Some ringers because of physical problems need to ring sitting down - sprained ankle, bad back, poor knees etc. I quit ringing because my vision was making me lean forward to see the music and that put such a strain on my back that I was in misery. I've reached a point now where I direct from a seated position. I do stand for concerts but it's hard. I doubt that I'll last more than one more year if that. Thanks, again. I left a note over there.


I don't know if you saw this puzzle. It looks like Susan is a percussionist, but she is part of a bell choir, and I thought of you when I saw it, but forgot to mention it. Now that you reminded me of the bells, I finally remembered to give you the link. :-))) I'm glad you enjoyed this puzzle--thanks!


I didn't have time for this yesterday so came back for it. (Music festival ended. I have my life back.) Thanks, Pat. I really enjoyed the rectangles.


Thanks, Mandy and Jan--I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Fun rectangle stacking Pat! Enjoyed it so much!


I love this too Pat - nice and regular random rectangles... simple but very effective, thanks :~)))


Thanks, Edie and Katie! What is "usual" for me is to use black, or a dark color, or a bright color, or a pattern/texture like wood, or...... !!! I've mixed it up so much that even I don't remember which I've used the most! LOL!


Love these designs Pat! Is it usual for you to outline them in black? It seems new to me in the rectangles. I like it!!!


and just some more fun for us. Thanks Pat, really fun.