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Kaleido In Blue and Gold.....

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Strike me Pink, Fay... That's quite a difference in the forecast temps... 42°c down to 30°c.... It might even snow... LOL... Thank you for the Aussie Christmas wishes... I surely will enjoy it, mate.... :) :)


You're too easy, good buddy.... I've never tried rock painting.... But for you anything... Having familiarity with the Bronze Age, due in part to my current age and trying to dig to China in our back yard as a small child.... Bronze was my first choice to adorn this most Royal shade of Royal Blue.... If I'd had access to Facegoo... This would have been 'Royal Blue Facegoo for You'... But alas and alack, my phone also goes back to the Bronze Age and is allergic to Androids.... I'm off to find a few interestingly shaped igneous rocks and a local art supply store for the much coveted, most Royal shade of Royal Blue, in the Premier Royal Blue line of Really Royal Blue paint.... The postage will be exorbitant, but you, good buddy, are worth it.... {{{Hugs}}} :) ) :) :) :) :) :)


Thanks you Sally and best wishes to you too, keep cool. our forecast was for 42c and now a revised one tonight 30c, so will have to wait and see, tomorrow is 42, Monday 43. Many hugs Sally and enjoy your Ausie Christmas.


Now, THIS is a puzzle! A rock painted royal blue would be lovely, but to have a super design that is royal blue enhanced by bronze, now, THAT is a winner!! Thanks for a magnificent creation, dear Sally!


Thank you, Fay.... Have a great Christmas... Hopefully it won't be too hot in your little corner of Oz... Our forecast is for 37°/99°.... A real warm one.... {{{Hugs}}} Fay and a very Merry Christmas.... :) :)

Francine, I think Kirsten supper glued her name up there.... You're still hanging on to number 10... Good job, Eh.... At (2:22), I've been long gone.... Glad you enjoyed.... I'm off to do some secret Santa wrapping... {{{Hugs}}}... :) :)

Thank you Snooker.... Have you been able to keep Bandit out of the wrapping and ribbons... Ribbons are a lot like shoelaces.... {{{ Hugs}}} dear friend.... :) :)

{{{Hugs}}} QORE, Your RS..... :) :)

Thank you Shirley, I agree on the pop, I wish I could remember what image I used to see if there might be more interesting kaleidos to be had from it... Maybe after Christmas.... Hope Santa brings us new goodies for our digital art... {{{Hugs}}} :) :)


Wow, Wow, Wow, this one really does pop out at you, I love it sally, gorgeous colours too, Thanks Sally. :):)



Just beautiful, Sally.


Enjoyed it, thanks Sally. (1:46)
~Kirsten ~ Seven hours later, you're still on top. ..:)


Sally, this is wonderful puzzle, thank you.


I won't be there for long Sally. Turbo Franc will be along any moment now to knock me off. And in 24 hours, I probably won't even be on the board!! You have a good Christmas too. I hope you spend the day in the company of people you love, enjoying good food. Have fun! :)))


I see you aced this one... Onya, Kirsten.... Thank you so much, and have a super Merry Christmas.... :) :)


Beeyoodeefull!! Thanks Sally. :)))