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Birds at the feeder.

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This is very disheartening. Because of the eye infections that birds are getting and dying from, I bought this new feeder so I can interchange them while soaking one in bleach. I wanted a pic of the new feeder and gosh darn it, there is a house finch (second from left) with that dratted eye disease.


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Oh, aren't they happy!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Thank you robryan. They won't rely on the feeders so much in the Summer, so maybe that will help.


That sounds like a hard thing to cure chickie - sorry to hear about it.


LOL Wilbur. Thank you.


You can also come and take care of my eyes Winnie!
nice job you doing there!


I hope you don't get it down there either young man.

Thank you tex, shirley, Monica and Patti.

Yes it is me Monica. You are so sweet to say that. Thank you.


Love your avatar by the way! Is that a pic of you Sandy, your so very beautiful!!!!


So sorry, Sandy. I didn't know about the problem. (Great photo -- thanks.)


Sandy I'm so sorry to hear about your birds and their terrible eye disease! How very awful for those poor little birdies! Still, it is a wonderful photo with the two in flight! I do hope that others follow suit with what you've done to help them! Your such a good and caring kind of person!


If people love birds enough to put out feeders, you would think they would be only too happy to sterilize their feeders, I would think it may take a while to eradicate the disease. hope sooner than later, Thanks chickiemama.


That's just tragic! Sorry, Chickie.


I see the white spots on the bird chickster. I guess it is akin top the thing the bats get but not exactly the same the results are the same. I have not seen this on any of the birds down here thus far and hope I don't.


Thank you Gene, warbler and Suzy.


I was unaware of the eye infections. I shall have to see if we have that in our area, as well. Our birds all seem quite healthy at this point. We shall bleach our feeders when we take them down as a precaution.
You have managed to catch a cardinal in flight-quite a nice photo.


Nice cardinals in flight. That eye doesn't look good. I don't think that disease is in Va. I haven't heard about it. Thanks for doing your part.


Like your new feeder and the photo but my heart goes out to U Sandy and to the poor birds that get it..........such a shame... :(((


Tatinha, I like your new avatar!


Thank you for all the comments. Laurajane talked about this a week or so ago. It was on the news 2 wks ago here. They said it is a form of pinkeye. With birds, they go blind and die because they cannot defend themselves or find food. The only thing we can do is soak the feeders in bleach water and the areas were they regularly perch. They get the infection from eating out of the same container that an infected bird has previously contiminated. If everyone does not sterilize their feeder, then it is a lost cause. I am not 100% positive lyndee. I am assuming it only gets spread at the feeders, so those birds that don't use feeders, probably wouldn't get it.


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it won't spread on a large scale.


Chickie, you have a good eye if you can see it's eye clear enough to tell it has eye disease. So sorry to hear that about the birds.


We are in a mess, chickie. A real mess.


Very sad, sandy.


I did not know anything about this eye infection Sandy. Is it in all the birds or only in certain breeds?


bummer. can you give them antibiotic laced feed? not that it would really do much good unless everyone did. sigh...


This is sad Sandy. I'm so sorry. The photo is nice and I like the red feeder. But I'm sad because that disease.


A great action shot, nevertheless, chickie:)


So sorry that you have discovered yet another. Sad.

Otherwise, it is an impressive picture with two birds in flight.