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The Alley

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This was about 1pm today. The snow and sleet was really coming down.
I was out walking the dog. :)
5pm- we now got 5 inches of snow with a layer of ice on top..


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Where is our Celeste?


Cellie...where are you??


Wasn't that storm fun?


A fine weathered alley you have! Hope you made out ok in the precipitation that you received. Looks like many really got hammered by winter.


well I see this alley is higher then all the yards on both sides makes it unusual...most alleys are on the same level as the yards.....well pg so U know is freezing rain and snow here in the north...


well its a lot more out there now and more heading this way..
PG I loved living in the south but I like winter and snow too.:)
Littlebuttercup, I am in the south west part in Illinois .. Not far from St. Louis MO
I will Texas :) smiles thank you.. Me and the dog was havin some fun


You be careful on that ice, girl, and stay warm! Nice puzzle. Thanks.

Snow or no, I love alleys. This looks a lot like an alley I know in Evanston, IL. Could that be???


Please remind me why I live in the south again I was starting to think I should move north again.