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My December Calendar

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I took a picture of my Dec 2012 calendar before I threw it away.


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Thank you for commenting, Pat, Sue and Ank!




I posted some puzzles last week of my 2012 was Florida's Natural wonders. Some plants, some animals. I didn't bother with the beach photos. I don't save mine. I just transfer important dates over and toss it. When I was teaching, I always bought calendars I could use as bulletin boards. 2:11


Laurajane I just throw the calendar in the trash come January 1.... I try to keep every thing on a flash card like address and birthdays ... Love the picture they always have a lovely one on for December....


You gals are so organized! I don't write anything on mine, so I would only save it for the pictures. I write in a small, pocket-sized one I keep in my purse. Those I save for one year before throwing away. I also have a journal with the years as headings and write down important things that list form, not in a long narrative. Well, that's probably more than anyone wanted to know, but there you have it.
You're most welcome, alfurn. Thank you very much, Morris.


Very pretty puzzle, laura!

Thanks for a very beautiful puzzle. :-)


Thank you pumpkin. Those 36 yrs of calendars contains a lot of memories.


That is EXACTLY what it is, Lyndee! I am so very impressed you have them back from 1977~! I started "downsizing" about 5 years ago...and now have a 3 year limit. They are a good way to look back on our personal history.


I have every calendar I've own since 1977 with the exception of one. It's interesting to look back at what I did throughout those years. Almost like a diary.


Every January 1st, I sit down with the "new"calendars and copy important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) from the old. It's a journey back in time for the year. I save them for 3 years as a piece of personal history...then they are recycled.


A December to remember LJ.


Thanks, pumpkin! I wish I saved my 2012 calendar and photographed some of the other months.


A fine look at December!


Thanks, lyndee. There were good ones from other months, but it's gone now. Oh dear. I wish I had taken more.


That's a great idea Laurajane. Bet there was some other good ones for the other months too.