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Hi Edie, I haven't been in long so I just posted my afternoon puzzles and will try and catch up on a few from earlier this afternoon. It is chilly out there despite the sunshine but that's the wind and I was forced to wear my winter jacket yet again. We have the same forecast for tomorrow that you have so let's both enjoy it. :-))


Didn't have time to do many puzzles this morning and now I didn't even make the board. This was fun Barb. I love the 'tone on tone' effect. I'm getting slower or everyone else is getting faster or both. Really enjoyed it, thanks. Still below zero here and quite windy but tomorrow is looking great, sunny and a high of 9. Yippee...


Thanks, Ardy, I think that is a nice combination. I'll continue to experiment and I hope you will continue to enjoy. :-)))
Do hope all goes well today. Kind of you to volunteer and let's hope it works out. Would hate to think of you with a migraine before your rehearsal tonight. I wonder, do you have a mask you could wear, like those surgical ones? Not sure if that would help but it might be worth a try. Take care. :-)


You're having a good time experimenting and I'm having a good time solving. Makes a good combination, don't you think? Thank you. It was fun. I have to go out to school this morning. Our local university is having a community service day and I signed up for three students to polish bells. Late last night I remembered a problem though - the room where the bells are in used on Wednesday morning for violin lessons. I'm hoping that teacher will be willing to use another room for today. I didn't think about that before. I don't know her much at all but I have a feeling she won't be very cooperative. I'm also allergic to the polishing compound in that the odor has given me migraines in the past. And I have rehearsal tonight. Sounds like this was a poor decision on my part. BIngo today? Stay warm.


Thanks, Gwen, so glad you enjoyed this. :-)


I didn't recognize you this morning :)) This is a different look. Whatever you are doing is working. Thank you for sharing your creations.


I've been doing some experimenting the last couple of days and ended up using 3 sites to do this puzzle. Glad you liked the results and happy for the journey down memory lane. I'd like to think this is a little more refined than my early efforts. :-))


Love this Barb! It kinda reminds me of those early puzzles you used to make of geometric shapes and loads of colour! Thanks very much for this lovely journey down memory lane. :)))