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Modern tug - effective, but UGLY!!

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Softly, softly catchee monkey!! LOL Don't overdo it, Phyllis. Bore da!! :-))


I'm doing a couple of boxes a day John, slowly slowly etc....


Ah, this was the "ugly red thing" you mentioned in your other comment. LOL We ARE having a lovely spell of weather. Heavy frosts overnight but lovely sunny days. I'm getting a lot of outside jobs done. :-)) It's a hell of a time when you move house,Phyllis, so I hope it goes well for you. Take care, both!!


Time 8:02. S'mae John, how are things in your neck of the woods? Probably an improvement in the weather [I hope] nights are drawing in here, and although we are in the middle of a drought it is cold tonight, said she sitting with a jersey on!

We get the keys for the new house on Thursday, and then begins the task of getting it all 'ship-shape and Bristol fashion' Kitchen ordered, it'll take 3 weeks to come, so painting and floor coverings are the order of the day.

Take care - pob hwyl, Phyllis


SW, you are right, the bow goes through the big seas as opposed to our bobbing up and down!! LOL I worked deep sea tugs for many years, do you have a maritime past?


I'm afraid I don't have an "open mind", Kathy!! I would still have been proud to serve aboard her!! LOL


Form follows function. This tug is for the deep seas, can handle big waves and carry supplies for long trips.


Interesting... the tug and the commentary. Certainly lacking the charm of the traditional tug, but looks better when I make an effort to approach it with an open mind!


She is a tug/supply boat. One of a new breed, popserver. I'm of an "old breed"!! LOL


That would help, Uncle A!! LOL. These are designed to go through big seas rather than go up and down, the way we did!!!

looks more like a coast guard boat than a tug

You want the lower part of the hull painted black, don't you Mr Parrotman22?


Fair comment, CJ. I suppose I'm a traditionalist as I worked on the older ones!! Thanks for your comment!

I guess that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I think it is refreshing and sleek and great looking!