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My house - 10 years ago

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Happy New Year to all my Jigidi friends.


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Hi Pat. Just checked the weather report. It's in the mid 20's here with a high in the upper 30's. Cold tonight but getting warmer over the next week and no precip. in sight. Fluffy decided to sleep in last night. When she wants to stay in she walks toward the door but when I open it she turns and walks the other way. Thanks for coming by.


Ardy it is 8F degrees this morning.....I kept telling people were in for a good cold winter.


You've really been getting the snow and cold. I like to leave a layer of snow for walking but our law says clean to the pavement. I'd rather walk on show than ice any day. Take care. Stay warm. And welcome to puzzle making.


Our weather report last evening said it was the second snowiest December on record for Columbus. The snow is finished for a while, but now we're in the deep freeze (22 right now) so what we have will stay for a while. My house faces north so the front walks are icy all the way down the block - we've quit shoveling to leave some of the snow for traction. On the south side, out back, I have a clear path to the garage.


Hi Katie, Losing internet connections is frustrating. Glad you got back. Thanks for visiting. I expect you know all about clearing this stuff off sidewalks and driveways. How has it been so far this winter for you?


Hanne, you are so right about being younger then. I even enjoyed the shoveling. I might still but my back won't!


Hi Ardy, now that's a LOT of snow! It even piled up on the window sills! I had just found this puzzle last evening when I lost my internet connection, but am glad that I remembered to come back!


What a LOT of snow you had to shovel then!! But you were a young girl, weren't you??!!!! Thanks so very much for showing, Ardy!!


It all depend on when summer is I guess. Our students are off for about 10 weeks in our summer - early June until late August. Ok I'll take Duncan but please come with him. It's you I'd really like to spend time with.


You're right, Ardy! I did forget about the email. Jigidi has been such a busy place over the last few days, what with all of the HNY puzzles, it completely slipped my mind. So I'm glad that the gorgeous Cheerie Lou came to the rescue!!

You have been most industrious on the first day of the new year. I forget that you don't have a big break at this time of year the way we do. Obviously it's all weather driven. Our students won't go back to school until the very end of January.

And if you need help with that shovelling, just sing out. I'll shove Duncan on the next available flight! LOL


But Jan, do you get water in the basement? That's what happens to me if we have heavy rains over an extended period of time. Maybe we could all go to Hawaii. Thanks for coming by Jan. Always glad to see you.


Kirsten, I have saved the avatar you created for me. I thought you might forget to email it so when Cheerie Lou called tonight to help me with something else, we saved it. I think it's so cute. I want to leave it for awhile.

I would be most happy to send some of our cold in exchange for some of your heat. But if I'm as inept about doing that as I am about using a computer I fear it won't work. I've tried to take good care of this first day of 2013. I worked on studying the bell music for festival. I have my copies marked. Now the next big job is marking the students' copies. The first rehearsal with the students is next week Tuesday. School starts up again next Monday so I'm off the rest of this week. My adult bell choir starts again Jan. 16. I need to get music ready for them as well.

Thanks for stopping by to admire my snow. If it starts up like this again I'll send an SOS for you to come help shovel.


Lyndee, you are so right. It was a "bit" much. I really hope we don';t get any this winter. Thanks for coming by.


I think weather should be somewhere inbetween yours, Ardy and Kirsten's! That would be, of course, the Pacific Northwest of the States. Specifically western Oregon!! We are proud to say that we get rain instead! (you can't get sunburned and you don't have to shovel!

Ardy - this would have been awful to shovel! I'm so sorry!


This looks so lovely, Ardy! At least I guess that would be the view of someone who NEVER gets snow. But I'm a generous person, and would happily share some of our upcoming weather with you. 36 (97) tomorrow and 39 (102) the next day!! No need for shovelling then! Just point the Jigidi tunnel that I'll pop our weather in, towards the path! LOL

I hope you're having a good first day of the year! ((HUGS))


Hope you don't get a repeat this winter. Some snow is fine but this looks like a bit much!


Yes, Ank. I'm not the best shoveler but I rather enjoy doing it but not for a long time. I hope I don't have to do any this winter as my back is giving me problems. You notice the path is the width of the shovel and not any wider. I made it wider as the days went by until it was the width of the walk.

You were up last last night - or until early this morning. Going to bed early tonight? Have a good sleep.


Angelbender, those highway supers get blamed if they do and if they don't. I wouldn't want that job.
Thanks for coming by. Happy New Year to you.


Thanks Ardy, And the same to you. This path to your house looks inviting. That was hard working.


Now is pretty uninteresting so I doubt that I will. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Happy New Year to you. Where is "here" for you? Like your avatar. It would make a nice puzzle itself!

I remember that Christmas. Our county hwy. sup. was concerned about his staff and didn't call them in on Christmas Eve to clear our roads! We had a super mess for days. The snow was melted under the hot seat he was on! (:-D


Love brick houses ~ Noticed while driving cross country how many huge areas are ALL brick houses!! We have very few here. Are you going to post a 'then & now' set?? Happy New Year