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First and only love

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Hi Maggie - I love this picture too. Horses have such big hearts and are so forgiving. Yes, I agree...our pets are our life a lot of the time. We have an adorable 'new' (as of April) little girl cat. 5 years old, needed a new home. She's perfect for us 2 old folks. Our Yellow Lab is aging gracefully, but still as loving as ever. Take care, Maggie.


Hi Pam ~ This is such a heartwarming picture! I absolutely agree with dustydog, and I would add "and a dog" as well. I suppose any bond we form with other animals is precious. Thanks so much for sharing this. Hope all is well with you! ~ Maggie


There's just something about the love between a person and a horse....


What a beautiful picture of love between us and our beloved horses! Thank you for sharing it with us. :-)