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Themes: Windows ~ Sunrise? Sunset? Swiftly flow the days....

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I hate my mentor, who torments me by teaching me new things. Then I have to spend hours creating puzzles. My mentor is wicked.


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You're very welcome, Jill.

Kirsten, that's not steam. They are the waves the window breeze is making on the curtains. Sheesh. Do I have to explain everything???! And yes, everyone loves my mentor. But how do you know it's a she and not a he?


I LOVE your mentor! She's bringing out some really good ideas! And ............... ummm ............... this one reminds me of a framed picture of a stylised Eiffel Tower, with steam rising from it. Freshly baked perhaps? ANYTHING's possible in puzzle land. (•‿•)


You're very welcome, Jill.


Wonderful puzzle, Gail! I love the lighting effect coming from the windows! Thanks :)