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Vernor's Ginger Ale

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Wonderful taste.


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It is a shame Shirley and Mimi you can not find this. You can taste the ginger not just a imitation of ginger.


We have Ginger Ale, but not that brand.


I've never heard of it, guess they didn't sell it down south. Now I'm very curious!


good luck in finding this, wish they would go national.


I just googled Vernors and they sell it on Amazon!!! My folks grew up in Michigan, and my Mom especially loved it. Do I recall correctly that it used to be served slightly warmed? You've gotten my taste buds obsessed now, so I am going to have to find some...reasonably priced I hope! ;-)))


Best ginger ale ever made! We bought some about 5 years ago in the western part of NY. I am thinking it is still made to this day!



I think we did take the tour once - remember seeing bottles on a conveyor belt. Haven't tasted that ginger ale in a long time.
Rye and ginger is a good drink, bradjan.


Ank Never drank Canadian whisky with ginger ale. Was that gooooood!
Snooker did you go on the tour of the plant?
So... forgot the Vernor's float, was so good.
JS that is a shame, too bad as it is a good soda.


Nothing like a Vernor's float with vanilla ice cream!!

Remember the Vernor's plant in Detroit and the times we went there.


Ginger ale, it brings me good memories. I had a boyfriend, about 45 years ago. He was a Canadian military and often in Europe. He used to drink Canadian whisky with ginger ale. I liked it too. His name is Norman. Thanks for the memory Jan.


Can't find it here in NC either...dag nabbit! ;-)


Hard to find this around where I live. Have to agree, this is delicious to drink.


Not too fond of ginger ale but if I have too buy it ... it's always this one... makes for a great puzzle..


Best ginger ale on the planet! Brings back fond memories, thanks! ;-)