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Village cottages, Chilton, Buckinghamshire. Photo by nick macneill

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We're heading for another freeze up with lots of snow. I don't know if our corner of England will get it or not. We don't often get snow but can hit bad when it does. It must seem like an endless winter to you Joyce and Rosemary.
I'm back in 'Midsomer Murders' country. Lovely villages and country scenery. Yes, there's plenty of farms in this part of the world 48.
I sure that's the gate leading to the village church eb.
Thank you everyone...Sue


Great house on the right!! Nice gate & wall too. Many thanks again Sue!! :)))
(time, 6:17)
........................I'd like to forget the snow too; got 10'' last night, then some light rain to make the snow extremely heavy and now it's snowing again. sighhhhhhhhhh


a quiet looking little village Sue - I like it ... must be farming country for the most part?? Thank you


Lovely village sue, thanks


Love the stone wall, and the village. Your set today helps me forget that it's snow, sleet and freezing rain out there! Thanks, Sue


I love the gate with the light on it, thanks!